Our Services

     A phenomenal educational program that provides individualized special education to preschool children with special needs, in order to stimulate the development of their intellectual, verbal, reasoning, and learning performance. It is necessary to maximize the children's prospects for integration into regular school curriculum and match their peers’ abilities. Generally, the special needs are variable according to how extensively the child has been involved. It may include learning challenges, communication difficulties, emotional and behavioral disorders, physical disabilities, and developmental disorders. 

    This program is monitored by highly qualified Special Education Itinerant Teachers (SEIT). The teacher is licensed by the New York State Education Department to evaluate the child’s educational performance and sets an individualized learning plan that fits to his/her needs. This plan undergoes changes through time in accordance to the child’s performance and progression.
    Manual Therapy Center agency (MTC) is approved by the state of New York to provide the SEIT service in the New York City five boroughs.  MTC is proud to publicize its experience in providing this service for more than five years. MTC uses carefully selected and talented teachers to render the SEIT service at the child’s home, day care or MTC’s day care, wherever it would be convenient and best for the child in compliance with IEP specifications.

    MTC’s talented teachers also serve children by communicating with parents; and counseling parents to help our children in overcoming physical, mental and/or emotional difficulties.

     We have bilingual services in several languages other than English, including but not limited to Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, and Punjab.